About Splash

We believe young professionals will have a huge impact on the world.

That's why we're investing in you now. If lowering your monthly payment or paying off your student loans faster can help you reach your goals and make a splash in the world, then we made a fantastic investment.

How We Started

We created Splash Financial because our friends were drowning in student loan debt and had nowhere to turn for help. We knew that if our friends were suffering, it was likely that people all over the country were struggling with the same issues: the burden of high student loan balances, with high interest rates and large monthly payments.

What We Do

We offer a refinancing opportunity to college graduates. Our refinance options can help lower monthly payments or maximize lifetime savings to pay loans back faster. We're excited to help you tackle student debt loans and to see you make a splash in the world.

Why We Do It

We are often told to go out and make a splash in the world, but for too many young professionals, the heavy burden of student loan debt means you have fewer opportunities to make healthy choices, begin pursuing life goals, and saving for retirement. It's hard to make an impact while being financially squeezed by your student debt. At Splash Financial, we want you to be able to pursue both career and life goals without the constant worry of your student loan debt.

Who We Are

Our Leadership Team

Steve Muszynski


Michael Boyle

VP, Head of Sales & Capital Markets

Patrick Leimkuehler


David Garrett


Tim Beres

Director, Operations

Mark Wilson

Partnership and Business Development Manager

Kaitie Fox


Our Board of Directors

Ronald Flauto

Ron Flauto is a practicing physician. He is a founding member of several medical companies including Americare Kidney Institute, the largest private nephrology practice in Ohio. Dr Flauto is the president of...

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Bill Koehler

Bill Koehler, an investor in Splash is a senior executive with more than two decades of experience in corporate banking. Bill has served as President of Key Community Bank, where he led 9,000 employees across 14 states....

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Steve Muszynski

Steve Muszynski (CEO), founded Splash Financial in March, 2013. Mr. Muszynski began his career at General Electric in their Financial Management Program, rotating through different business segments in a ...

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Robert Immerman

Robert Immerman, an investor in Splash, is the founder and CEO of InterDesign, a 43 year old consumer products company with over 300 Employees, located in Solon and Glenwillow Ohio....

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Nick Koinoglou

Nick Koinoglou, an investor in Splash, has been the CEO and CMO of Family Health Physical Medicine in Alliance, OH since 1994. The practice provides orthopedic surgery, physical therapy and chiropractic...

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