Financial stress is impacting your employee productivity.

Splash Financial can help.

Student loans are one of the major drivers of financial stress

56% of young workers worry about paying off their debt.1

63% of young workers report they don't have anyone to turn to for help with regard to paying off their student loans.1

75% of HR professionals report that their company does not offer any guidance or assistance regarding their student loans.1

Combat employee burnout by focusing on the needs of the employee


of employees will stay for an average 36% longer if an employer offers student loan repayment benefits2


of employees spend 3 hours or more per week worrying about finances at work3

  • Improve employee financial wellness by reducing stress

  • Reduce employee turnover with student loan benefits

  • Stand out compared to peers

  • Promote debt reduction and social good

Student loan refinancing benefits are the answer

Help your employees reduce the financial stress caused by their loans.

With rates as low as 3.50%* fixed APR and no hidden fees, employees can refinance their student loans and save money.

Employee Savings

Employees can save $3501a per month, or $29,3401b over the life of loan helping to reduce financial stress. $500 refinance welcome bonus.

Employer Perks

Fewer financially stressed employees, less turnover, and cutting edge HR services.

Free to implement

Splash provides easy refinancing, and can coordinate to offer educational financial wellness tools at no cost.

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"We believe young professionals will have a huge impact in the world- that's why we're investing in them now. If lowering your employee's monthly payment or helping them pay off their student loans faster can help your organization reduce employee stress and gain productivity, then we made a fantastic investment."

-Steve Muszynski, CEO of Splash Financial

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